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NY Psychotherapist Colette Dowling offers cutting edge information on how to re-wire your brain to sustain calm, undo a habit of negative thinking, and regulate and stabilize mood. You'll also learn about psychological distortions that get in the way of working productively and feeling secure and good in relationships.

Ms. Dowling has been researching and writing about mental health since her book, The Cinderella Complex:Women's Hidden Fear of Independence, became a NY Times best seller and was translated into 23 languages.

Another of her books to become a best seller in many countries was "You Mean I Don't Have to Feel This Way?": New Help for Depression, Anxiety and Addiction. It talks about the biological underpinnings of mood and anxiety disorders.

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NYC Psychotherapist Colette Dowling has an M.S.W. from The Smith College School for Social Work and post-graduate training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis at The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, in New York. Ms. Dowling has a private practice in Manhattan. You can view her professional profile at Http://therapist.psychologytoday.com/34706.

Psychotherapy for Feeling Better

Psychotherapy for Feeling Better teaches people how to re-wire their brains, using mindfulness and breathing techniques, to alleviate depression, anxiety, and the effects of trauma.

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Women and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are among the most frightening experiences a person can have. The good news is you're not going crazy.

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New-York-Psychotherapist-Colette-Dowling treats men and women in her office in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

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Positive Relatioships: Do You Want Help With Having Them and Sustaining Them?

Learning to sustain postive relationships is one of the benefits of psychotherapy. New York therapist Colette Dowling offers people the skills they need.

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Estrogen--and--womens--mood is explained by New York psychotherapist Colette Dowling.

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Postpartum Depression Can Be Treated--and Sometimes Prevented

New York psychotherapist Colette Dowling discusses how postpartum depression can be treated, and sometimes prevented.

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Premenstrual Moods Can Be Successfully Treated

Premenstrual moods, including premenstrual depression, anxiety and irritability, result from the impact of reproductive hormones on the brain. These hormonally induced mood changes can be treated.

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Psychotherapy for Anxiety, Panic Disorder and PTSD in New York

Psychotherapy, Counseling and Mindfulness training for anxiety, panic disorder, social phobias and PTSD in New York with Colette Dowling LCSW

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Menopause: Can Mood Changes Be Treated?

Menopause and mood changes are explained by NY psychotherapist Colette Dowling, LCSW

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Light Therapy, depression, antidepressants, serotonin

New York therapist Colette Dowling discusses the effectiveness of Light Therapy for depression.

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Depression symptoms, antidepressant treatment, psychotherapy. AEDP

Depression symptoms: Colette Dowling, LCSW describes the insidious arc of a worsening depression and how it can be effectively treated.

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NY psychotherapist Colette Dowling discusses how women's self-confidence can be undermined when they're taught to be self-doubting.

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The Twilight Craze: Why Adult Women are Hooked

NYC psychotherapist Colette Dowling discusses adult women's fascination with Twilight.

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couples_counseling_new_york_city, psychotherapist Colette Dowling

coples counselng new york city, with psychotherapist Colette Dowling, LCSW, may include the subject of whether you're experiencing real love or emotional hunger.

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Mood Disorders and the Brain

NY psychotherapist Colette Dowling explains the role the brain plays in mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

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Lithium: A Brilliant Discovery

New YHOrk p;osyhchotherapist discusses lithium in the treatment of bipolar dissorder.

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Anxiety Therapy, Depression Therapy, New York

New York therapist Colette Dowling, LCSW, on how anxiety therapy can change a person's way of relating to the world..

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Thyroid and Mood

Thyroid-and-mood often have an unsuspected connection. Low thyroid levels can wreak havoc with mood, energy, weight and even the ability to think straight.

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Estrogen-and-mood is a connection whose impact on women is explained by psyotherapist Colette Dowling, LCSW.

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Love_and_emotional_hunger can be confused with one another. NYC psychotherapist Colette Dowling explains how people get caught in the needy trap of emotional hunger.the difference.

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Compulsive Binge Eating Counseling New York City, Colette Dowling, LC

Colette Dowling, LCSW - New York City, offers compulsive binge eating counseling and bulimia counseling in New York City.

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Colette Dowling, LCSW, offers self_esteem_therapy and counseling in her New York office.

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The Cinderella Complex

NY therapist Colette Dowling discovered women's deep-rooted conflicts about independence and labled the syndrome The Cinderella Complex.

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Depression and Troubled Sleep

Depression and troubled sleep go hand in hand. In fact, troubled sleep can be the first sign of depression.

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NY Psychotherapist Colette Dowling offers effective ways of helping_a_depressed_loved_one.

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Premenstrual Cravings Can Be Tamed!

Premenstrual cravings result from lowered serotonin, the mood and appetite regulator. Here's how to naturally build serotonin and tame premenstrual cravings.

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Hostile Work Environment for Women at the Top

Women at the top face a hostile work environment.

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Sexual Abuse of School Girls

Sexual abuse of school girls can cause psychological trauma, including PTSD (Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder). Parents should be aware.

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Menopausal Depression is No Myth

Menopausal depression is common and can be treated.

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Women's Strength: The Myths That Shrink Us

Women's strength has historically been denied, producing the false concept of a "weaker sex'. Research shows that women's physical potential is vastly underestimated.

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