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                Positive relationships: Do You Want Help Getting Them

                                      and Sustaining Them?


          Often those entering therapy feel miserably alone and stuck with their problems and self-defeating patterns. So much change and healing can come from a relationship with a compassionate and skilled therapist. It's thrilling to me to watch peoples' transformation into confident, caring adults who can sustain positive relationships and feel emotionally grounded in the world. When trauma is treated and depression and anxiety lift, a joyous way of living becomes possible, perhaps for the first time. This joy is the potential I hold in my heart and mind for those who come to me for help.

          I will work with you to help you develop a deep self-acceptance that will enable you to advance professionally,  and to feel happy and secure in relationships. If you have a trauma history I am trained to treat you with EMDR or AEDP, in the calm safety of my office.

                                    The Positive Therapy Relationship

          The relationship between therapist and patient is the key to building self confidence and learning how to relate to others in healthier ways. In contemporary psychotherapy the therapist is not a "blank slate". The patient should be able to feel, from the beginning, that she's in a positive relationship. She can get a good sense of who this person is that she's working with not because the therapist is telling her own story, but because she reacts openly and lets the patient in on what she's both thinking and feeling in reaction to the patient's story. The patient is not left hanging, wondering. The therapy relationship is very engaging and not at all a dry experience. Ideally you should leave every therapy session feeling hopeful and connected and as if you've gotten something out of it.


          In addition to being a psychotherapist with special training in treating anxiety, depression and trauma, I am a writer.  My books include The Cinderella Complex: Women's Hidden Fear of Independence, and "You Mean I Don't Have to Feel This Way?": New Help for Depression, Anxiety and Addictions.

    My office is in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.  You can reach me at or 718-594-0201.                                  





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