New York Psychotherapist Colette Dowling, LCSW

New York Psychotherapist Colette Dowling, LCSW has an office in the Flatiron district, at 156 Fifth Avenue. For a free phone consultation you can call Colette at 718-594-0201 or write to her at dowlingcolette@earthlinknet.

  Below, Colette offers some thoughts about her approach to therapy.

       "Perhaps you want to expand your life, have richer and less problematic relationships, do work that is more gratifying and more engaging of your creativity. In short, you want a better life, and it's begun to feel as if time is passing you by.

       "In therapy, you and I will work together so you may develop the courage to stand behind yourself, while also enjoying intimate relationships.

        We will find ways of listening to your deepest voice. The goal is to help you gain inner freedom--the freedom to be yourself, to love genuinely, and to do your best work.

        Incessant self-questioning and self-doubt can be exhausting.

        Therapy can help.

  • A lifetime of experience, as well as intensive training, allows me to help my patients get underneath the things they know about themselves to find truth and self acceptance.
  • They become stronger,
  •  better able to cope with the challenges they face, and

       My patients and I work together to help them develop the courage to stand behind their intelligence and creativity, while also enjoying intimate relationships in which they feel loving and vulnerable.

       In therapy we discover solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues.

       A safe environment is of primary importance. My psychotherapy office provides an atmosphere of warmth and calm. Drawing from both new and traditional approaches to psychotherapy I use a variety of styles and techniques, offering what I think will be most helpful to a particular individual."

 New York Psychotherapist Colette Dowling, LCSW, is a graduate of The Smith College School for Social Work. She completed training in psychoanalysis at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy in New York, and is trained in the use of EMDR for the treatment of trauma.

 Colette has had eight books published, including The Cinderella Complex, about women's emotional conflicts over becoming independent.

     She has also written "You Mean I Don't Have to Feel 

This Way?": New Help for Depression, Anxiety and Addiction


 Red Hot Mamas: Coming Into Our Own at Fifty

 New York Psychotherapist Colette Dowling's office in the Flatiron District is at 156 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010..

For more information or for a free phone consultation, call 718-594-0201 or write

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OFFICE: 156 Fifth Ave.

Phone: 718-594-0201

DEGREE: Master of Social Work (MSW) from The Smith College School for Social Work

ADVANCED TRAINING IN PSYCHOTHERAPY AND PSYCHOANALYSIS: The Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, New York, NY.

LICENSE: LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), NY STATE LICENSE # 076936

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